California Wedding Photographer

Katey & Sammy

Jessica & Brock's Engagements at Irvine Regional Park in Irvine, California

Long story short, Jessica & Brock met in highschool. He had the biggest crush on her, and tried time and time again to win over her heart. Jess and her highschool self wasn't too interested at the time, and friend-zoned Brock. Years later, after they graduated and went off to college, they met back at home one night over dinner with friends. Jessica felt different this time about Brock, and they ended up finally coming together. Brock had won her heart, and he waited for years and years for this moment. It's a real love story, and these two are now engaged and their wedding is in a few months. I can't wait for this celebration and to see these two say their vows. 

Their engagement session was at this gorgeous park. & If you know California, you know it just ended its streak of a huge drought. It was amazing to see all the greens here around the park and Jessica's free spirit along with Brock's love for her, came out in all these photos. Plus, they're some of the most gorgeous and sweetest humans ever. You know the drill, press play & scroll. :) 

Aimee & Jared's Wedding at Calvary Chapel and Anaheim Packing House

Press play & scroll through one of the most amazing days at one of the raddest (is that a word?) venues EVER. Thank you for having me, Aimee and Jared. Your wedding was a dream, and you two are the true showcase of, "whats meant to be will find a way."  xx