Victoria & Caleb at Wiggins Pass State Park

These two and this day, unreal. Scrolling through these, you'll see exactly what I'm talking about. Their love speaks for itself. I had met Victoria and Caleb at a wedding that I was photographing, and we instantly clicked. Fast forward a few weeks, we met up here at Wiggins Pass State Park in Naples, Florida for their session. They aren't engaged yet and this wasn't anything formal, but man are they soulmates. 

The entire session they were laughing and so giddy with one another. That's what love will do to ya. We started off with a little glass of champagne before to make a little toast, and just explored the beach. NOBODY was there & this is usually a beach packed with tourists and sunset-watchers, so we we're lucky. It felt like we were the only ones in the world.

We stayed and explored from the before the sunset until way later after the sun went down when it started sprinkling, and Victoria convinced Caleb to go into the water with her. & It was SO worth it. After the session was over, I got the sweetest text ever of Victoria telling me her and Caleb felt like they fell deeper in love that night, and to me nothing is better than reading something like that. Cannot wait for their beautiful future together.

Press play & enjoy.