HEY! So stoked you've found yourself on my FAQ page. Hopefully this might answer a lot of questions you two may have, and if not I'm definitely down to answer anything else! Enjoy! Xx

Where are you based?


I was born in Florida, and have SO much family & friends there. So likewise, I'm constantly traveling to Florida for weddings, engagement sessions, and to visit my home town. 

I now technically live in Hawaii (though sometimes I travel so much it doesn't feel like it) and I'm head over heels in love with these islands. The aloha spirit is SO real, and I am inspired beyond words with every wedding I get to be a part of here. 

And California too? YES! My big brother lives in California, LA to be exact, and it's a second home to me. It's in the plan for the future to make the move to California, so shooting all the Cali weddings I can is a dream. Nothing is like the energy stepping off the plane in California, and I can't wait to live there one day. 


I love traveling, I mean who doesn't? I've traveled so many different places internationally and in the US for magical days. A few of my favorites from the past year were definitely New Orleans and Mexico. Anyways, if you two are planning a wedding and love my work, I'm your girl no matter where it is! My passport is just sitting on the shelf waiting to be stamped. ;) 

Do you deliver sneak peak photos?

OH HECK YES. #INSTANTGRATIFCATION. You get married and the first thing you want to do that week is shout it from the rooftops! I give all of my couples 'sneak peak' previews of about 20-30 edited photographs the very next day after the wedding. That way they can post them on Instagram, Facebook, and all over social media for the world to see. 

How many images will we receive?

For weddings, I deliver anywhere from 400-1200 images. Every single wedding is different, some are super busy nonstop and I'm there shooting for 8-10 hours, and some are very intimate and relaxed and I'm only there for 6 hours. So it truly just depends on whats going on during that wedding, how long I'm there, and lots of other factors! For engagement sessions, portrait sessions, and couples sessions, I'll deliver 100-250 images! 

Can we see one of your full wedding galleries?

For sure! When you inquire I can definitely send some links to full galleries for you two to see! 

Do you have Liability insurance? 

Yes I do! Most venues require it now a days! I have up to one million dollars in liability insurance. 

What do you shoot with? Do you have any backup equipment?

I shoot with two Canon full frame cameras and multiple lenses! I always have backup equipment in case anything were to happen to any of it! 

Do you deliver every single image that you take?

Nope! Throughout the day you'll hear me clicking like crazy, taking lots of photos! Within those photos, there are always ones I don't deliver. But don't worry, they're never ones you would want anyways! Usually they consist of people blinking, talking, etc.

Do you deliver your raw files?

Nope! You're booking me as your wedding photographer because you trust me. You trust my editing style, artistry, and how I finalize every image. Raw photos are completely untouched, unedited images, and they aren't a final representation of my work. I edit every single image individually so the final result looks beautiful; the exposure, tones, contrast, and more, is just perfect how I love it. 

Do you ever book two weddings in one day?

I'm always surprised when people ask me this! I would NEVER do that! That is your day and my sole focus is on you, your wedding, and being there fully. I'll sometimes book two weddings in the same weekend depending on circumstances and if it works out ideally, but never on the same day. That date is yours and yours only.

Do you offer albums?

I freaking love albums. Nothing is better than seeing my work come to life on paper. Albums are not included in my packages, but rather A La Carte. Some couples even decide after their wedding to purchase an album! You pick the images, I design the album, and send it over to you for a final proof before we order it! Once we order it, it usually takes 4-8 weeks (sometimes sooner) to get the final album delivered on your doorstep.  

Do you use a second shooter?

YES! Most of my packages include a second photographer. For smaller, more intimate weddings that don't include a second photographer, the option to add one is always there. Working with a second is great because theres always two people in two places, at once. 

If you have never shot at our venue before, will that affect anything?

No! Definitely not. If I've never shot at your venue, it seriously doesn't make any difference compared to if I have. I scout the venue a bit earlier in the day, but mainly it all comes down skill and knowledge. Luckily, my photography comes second nature to me, I can literally adjust my settings in a matter of seconds without even thinking of it. So even if I haven't shot at your venue, I'll still be able to read the light, find the best spots, and adapt to the setting I am in. I actually feel SO inspired at all new venues, and it's a super fresh/rad look on each new one. 

We want an engagement session, do your packages include them?

Some of my packages do, and some don't! I love engagement sessions because it allows us to get to know each other before the wedding more, but it also allows you two to photograph such an exciting time, being engaged! Engagement sessions can be fun, super relaxed, playful and adventurous. Sometimes engagement sessions can't happen for my couples who live elsewhere, but I've done sessions day before the wedding and sometimes even day after while they are in town. I also travel lots, so sometimes it has ended up me being in a place near you, and doing an engagement session there! Totally just depends :) 

We want to book you and reserve our date! What do we do?

Woot woot! Fill out the 'BOOK ME' form on my website, I'll email you all my packages, what I offer, and answer any questions you may have! I'll then send over the contract, you'll fill it out, put down $1000 to reserve the date, and BAM! I'm all yours! The remaining payment is due 30 days before your wedding! Everything I do is all online, on my secured booking system, Honeybook. It makes life super simple, for both of us. I take credit cards, checks, bank transfers, and more! :)