Hey hey, I'm Jayleigh!

I’m in love with many things. The ocean, traveling, exploring, and my family. I just got engaged this January to Connor, the love of my life, and it was the best day ever. I'm also a mama to the coolest little man in the world, Luca. My little family is the best and I'm so grateful. 

I fell in love with this life and how fulfilled it makes my heart to do this. It is not something I could ever put into words, but to give you photos that you will have forever, is the biggest honor in the entire world. My heart is always so big to be given that honor, every single time, that my couples choose me.

When I’m not behind the camera, editing, or emailing (which is barely ever), because photography is LIFE (in the best way possible). I also love: kicking it with the fam, working out, eating and discovering new foods, horseback riding, music, boating, beaching it, being spontaneous, & anything outdoors. 

With that being said, I do believe every couple has their perfect fit for a photographer. No bride or groom should ever feel like their photographer is just another distant wedding vendor. At least that is not and never will be how I work.

We become friends, always. I want to get to know you from the first time you email me. I wanna learn about you, your lover, your love story, how you guys met, all the mushy gushy stuff. I live for that. Tell me who you guys are. Nothing is more amazing than showing up the morning of your big day as if we have been friends forever, because trust me, it’ll feel that way.

I am in love with love. I want to capture every single insanely passionate, giggly, happy, quiet, silly, intimate, spontaneous moment between you and your lover.

So yep, that's a quick little blurb about me. And I cannot wait to hear more about you.

Let's start this adventure.