HEY! If you're wanting to put a name to a face and get to Stalk my life a little, you're definitely on the right page! so Stoked you're here. 

I'm a five foot zero, energetic yet down to earth,target binge shopper, lover of life, positive vibes only kind of girl.



I live in Hawaii (though sometimes I travel so much it doesn't feel like it) and I'm head over heels in love with these islands. The aloha spirit is SO real, and I am inspired beyond words with every wedding I get to be a part of here. 

And California too? YES! My big brother lives in California, and it's a second home to me. It's in the plan for the future to make the move to California, so shooting all the Cali weddings I can is a dream. Nothing is like the energy stepping off the plane in California, and I'm lucky its an easy nonstop flight from Hawaii!  


I love traveling, I mean who doesn't? I've traveled so many different places internationally and in the US for magical days. A few of my favorites from the past year were definitely Key West, New Orleans & Mexico. Anyways, if you two are planning a wedding and love my work, I'm your girl no matter where it is! My passport is sitting on the shelf waiting to be stamped some more. ;) 


Myself and our little beach babe, Luca!


I’m in love with many things. The ocean, traveling, and my family. I got engaged a little over year ago to my babe, and it was the best day EVER. I'm also a mama to the coolest little dude in the world, Luca. My little family is my entire world. 

When I’m not behind the camera, editing, or emailing, which is barely ever because photography is seriously my life (in the best way possible). I also love binge shopping at Target (and Amazon), beach days, hanging with the fam, watching This Is Us + Shark Tank + Fixer Upper for hours upon hours, working out, being a total foodie, jamming out to music, road trips, and boating. I'm also slightly addicted to Oreos, Halo Top Ice cream, and Chick Fil A (Hawaii doesn't have one so I'm often craving it! the struggle is real!). 

I fell in love with this life and how fulfilled it makes my heart to meet new couples, and capture your love. It is not something I could ever express with words, but to give you photographs that you will have forever on one of the happiest days of your lives, is the biggest honor in the entire world. My heart is always so big to be given that honor every single time that my couples choose me.

I believe every couple has their perfect fit for a photographer. You should never ever feel like your photographer is just another distant wedding vendor. At least that is not and never will be how I work.

We become friends, always. I want to get to know you from the first time you email me. I wanna learn about you, your lover, your love story, how you guys met, your favorite music, things you two love to do together, all the mushy gushy love stuff. I legit live for that. Nothing is more amazing than showing up the morning of your big day as if we have been friends forever, because trust me, it’ll feel that way. 

I am in love with love. I want to capture every single insanely passionate, giggly, happy, quiet, silly, intimate, spontaneous moment between you two.

So yep, that's a quick little blurb about me. I cannot wait to hear more about you!

Let's start this adventure!!! Scroll down for some other photos of me, the love of my life Connor, and our crazy hyper 3 year old Luca!



One of the best days of my life, the day Connor proposed!