You might've already looked at 100 other photographers' websites. your eyes might burn a little because it's late and you've been on your computer for hours, and you haven't found someone who perfectly captures what you are looking for. You may have looked at way too many galleries, about me's, and contact forms. But my life quote is 'Everything happens for a reason' and you landed on my photography page for a reason, and you are here reading this. I'm not like the rest, and hopefully my work can be a breath of fresh air. So take your time, grab a glass of wine (or coffee for all you early risers) and look through my galleries! Get to know a little about me, and stay a while. Promise it'll be worth it. 

the motto: I GOT YOU. 


When I say "I got you" I don't just mean that casually. I mean I truly have your back. Not just right now when I first hear from you two, and not just on your couples session or your wedding day, but for the next week, month, or year leading up to it.  I know how it feels to be in front of the camera and for everyone that feeling is different. So I have your back with making you two comfortable that way we can get the photos you two really want and envision. I'll direct you (so you're not all what do I do with my hands) and I'll create a space for you two to be in your own world (candids!) whether that be a quiet moment, you two hysterically laughing together, that split second look you give one another that shows the love in your eyes, and all the in betweens that you don't even realize are happening.

Getting to know you is what I'm all about. It won't ever feel like I'm just showing up, running down a shot list, putting you in some wack, stiff pose, and clicking a button. It'll feel like we are just friends, hanging out (because we are)! I want your photography to be all you've ever dreamed of and more. I'm actually in the same shoes as you two because I'm also currently planning my own wedding, so I can relate to you. Wedding planning is so exciting, but can also get a little crazy sometimes. I promise to always have your guys' backs and make it all super simple and fun for you two, that way we can focus on what really matters: your two souls coming together in marriage, and capturing that. 

Questions & Answers 

There are so many frequently asked questions that I get across the board from all my couples. So I made a list of all of them and answered them here for you, old school Q & A style. Planning my own wedding currently, my fiancé & I are constantly finding ourselves having so many unanswered questions when we're on wedding industry websites. I don't want you two to ever feel that way with me so take a look and if you have any other questions, reach out! 

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Reviews From My Couples

It's 2018 and let's be real, reviews are changing the world of business and customer experience. They are so important and it's how you can connect with couples who I've had the honor to photograph in the past. If you've looked around my website and Instagram a bit, you have seen my photographs and you have seen what I can do artistically. But these reviews back it all up and you'll get an insight to my couples thoughts and experiences!

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Instagram @jayleighdaniel

I'm in love with Instagram and I use it daily for a variety of different things. It's how I connect with you as my couples, keep up with you and your awesome lives, and showcase all of my latest work that might have not hit the site yet. If you haven't had the opportunity to see my work or follow me on the gram, here it is! (And...and heck yes I wanna follow the both of you! So don't be afraid to drop your Instagram handles when you inquire!)

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