And when I say "I got you" I don't just mean that casually. I mean I really have your back. Nope, not just right now, and not just on your wedding day, but for the next year leading up to it. Or however long until your wedding ;) I know how it feels to be in front of the camera and for everyone that feeling is different. So I got you with whatever makes you and your lover the most comfortable. I got you if you want to be directed. And I get it if you just wanna just be yourself and get those in the moment shots. And I'm always down for a little mix of the two of them. Either way, I'm here for you. It won't ever feel like I'm just showing up and taking photos, it'll always feel like we are just friends, hanging out. I want your wedding photography to be all you've ever dreamed of and more. I'm actually engaged myself currently planning a wedding to the love of my life, so I know exactly how you two are feeling. Wedding planning is awesome, exciting, but can also get a little crazy sometimes. I promise to always have your back and make it all super simple for you two, that way we can focus on what really matters: your two souls coming together in marriage, and capturing that. 

Questions & Answers 

There are so many frequently asked questions that I get across the board from all my couples. So I made a little list of all of them & answered them here for you, Q & A style. Planning a wedding currently, my fianc√© and I constantly finding ourselves asking so many unanswered questions when we are on other vendors or photographers/videographers websites. & I don't want you two to ever feel that way with me! Take a look and if you have any other questions, ask away! 

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Reviews From My Couples

It's 2017 and let's be real, everyone wants to see reviews. They are so important and it's how you can connect with people who I've had the pleasure to photograph in the past. If you've looked around my website and Instagram a bit, you have seen my photographs and you have seen what I can do. But these reviews back it all up. I asked my couples to review me for my future couples to read, and this is what they have to say. 

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I'm so in love with Instagram and I use it daily for a variety of different things. It's how I connect with you as my couples, keep up with you and your awesome lives, and showcase all of my latest work that might have not hit the site just yet. If you haven't had the opportunity to see my work or follow me on the gram, here it is! (And...and heck yes I wanna follow the both of you! So don't be afraid to drop your Instagram handles when you inquire!)

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